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Idara Ansarul Makatib

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know more about Idara works with the below frequently asked questions.

What does Maktab mean?

Maktab is a part-time institution where Muslims (both Men and women) learn the basics of Islam like the Quran, Nazera, Deeniyat,daily supplications etc.

What are the timings of Makatib?

Generally, Makatibs run after Fajr, Asr, and Maghrib in Masajid.

Regarding Idara Makatib’s timing, we run after Asr and Magrib at various localities.

In how many localities, is Idara Ansarul Makatib providing services?

As of now, Idara is running Makatib in 8 different locations in Hyderabad, namely Old Malakpet, Santosh Nagar, Baba Nagar, Phool Bagh, Yakutpura, and Shaheen Nagar etc.

What does Madrasa mean?

Madrasa is a full-time institution where Muslims (both Men and women) learn the Teachings of Islam like the Quran, Hadith, Hifz-e-Quran, Fiqh, Aalimiyat, Creed etc

Does Idara have Hifz e Quran Option?

Yes, Idara does provide Hifz-e-Quran in Madrasa as well as in various Makatib.