All the expenses were borne by the President only when the IAM was founded in 2015.

President’s slogan was

 Earn from Dunya and Spend in Deen 

And over the years a few sponsors also showed interest in the mission. Later, as the number of students increased and appointments of teachers started happening and other branches were also set up, a small fee was announced.

However, parents were given the liberty to pay as per their capacities and that is still prevailing.

However, as the work is expanding at a larger pace to other locations, currently we are in deficit and encourage our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam to come forward and show their support both financially and morally and join hands with us in this glorious mission of Quran.

For donations, please contact the below numbers.

Maulana Ansar Ali Ishtiyaq 9030543269

Maulana Farhan Bin Saleh 9700109980

Maulana Hasn Uddin Anas 9550036966

Want to Start Maktab in Your Masjid?

Want to Start Maktab in Your Masjid?

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