Advisory Board

Advisory Board of Idara Ansarul Makatib

Idara Ansarul Makatib is run by a team of professionals who are Ulama and hold a great expertise in building a better career path for children. Since 2015, there were only 2 mentors but as the work is expanding it has included other 2 members in 2022.

Janab Shaik Maqsood Ali

Qualifications: B.Sc., M.A.

He is the father of Maulana Ansar Ali Ishtiyaq and has been a motivator and a backbone for this noble work right from the inception in 2015. He was abroad initially and then managed a school in Hyderabad. He is currently retired from his services and spending time to serve the humanity. His advises and suggestions are practical and helped the Makatib in many ways. He visits the Makatib as per the requirement but always has been in the important meetings of Makatib.

Maulana Mohammad Mushtaq Ahmed

Qualifications: Hafiz, Alim, Graduate, Urdu Pandit

He is the teacher of Maulana Ansar Ali Ishtiyaq who taught him Tajweed and began Hifz initially. He is the Chief Advisor for the President right from the inception in 2015. He carries a rich 15 years of experience in teaching Quran and Hadees. He is currently associated with Jamia Sautul Hira Lil Banaat, Balapur, Hyderabad. He gives his valuable time to coach and guide the teachers as and when needed. His advises and mentoring have proven the results for the children and teachers too.

Maulana Farhan Bajrai

Qualifications: Alim, M.C.A, B.Ed., Digital Marketer

He is the bosom buddy of Maulana Ansar Ali Ishtiyaq. He is very competitive in any field and holds a vast experience in teaching and mentoring. He taught Mathematics & Physics in many reputed schools. Currently, he has been imparting teachings of Quran & Hadees at Madrasa Abdullah Bin Masood, Kurmaguda, Hyderabad. Additionally, being a digital marketer, he supports schools and Madaris to develop their websites and promote their work.

In the past, he managed the Summer Program at Maktab Musa’b Bin Umair, Malakpet and has been a big well wisher of the President.

He joined the hands in 2022 to promote the Makatib to the next level possible.

Mufti Mohammad Hasanuddin Anas

Qualifications: Hafiz, Alim, Mufti, SSC

He is the close friend of Maulana Ansar Ali Ishtiyaq. He is a very dedicated and disciplined professional. He holds expertise in Arabic and received an accolade from the hands of Imam Abdur Rahman Sudais, Makkah. He excels in the memorization of Quran and participated in the International Quran Competition, Jordan in the year 2012. He taught Quran and Islamic studies in the reputed schools of Hyderabad. He holds a significant place in the eyes of senior Islamic scholars and leaders of Hyderabad due to his simplicity and deep knowledge.

He is the Incharge and Mentor for the Teacher Training Program and has been a big well wisher of the President.

He joined the hands in 2022 to promote the Makatib to the next level possible.